Home Maintenance or Low Maintenance?

Spring is that time of year when you start to think about home maintenance. You know your house weathered severe weather over the winter, so it’s time to check for damage and make needed repairs. At the same time many homeowners wonder how they can reduce or even better, eliminate many of these maintenance tasks .

So we thought it made sense to look at low maintenance materials and products on the market. We picked ones that can lower the time needed to clean, seal and/or complete other home maintenance chores we’ve come to expect. Until then, here’s a spring home maintenance checklist for this year.

Here are our favorite low maintenance solutions that can save you time, year after year.

there are lots of low maintenance building materials you can use in your kitchen to save time spent cleaning & maintaining your house

Interior Low Maintenance Building Materials

It’s still chilly outdoors, so let’s start with low maintenance materials we can use indoors. We’ll start in the kitchen, which we all know is where the action is for most families whether you’re cooking, eating or entertaining. Wouldn’t you love fewer things to keep the heart of your home in tip top shape?

  • Quart countertops – are growing in popularity because they look like natural stone but don’t need the ongoing sealing required to protect granite from stains. Quartz is made from natural stone chips, resins and pigments. It’s resistant to scratches, cuts and high heat.
  • Stainless steel appliances – are still popular, except for the smudges and fingerprints you can’t avoid. Manufacturer’s now have a dark gray/black stainless steel with a matte finish that fends off these marks.
  • Low maintenance flooring – options are everywhere. There are laminates and tile materials that look like hardwood. Even better, they’re less inexpensive and much easier to keep clean.

low maintenance building materials like those from Azek, need little/no painting and minimal repairs from rot and insects

Low Maintenance Building Materials for Your Home’s Exterior

There are lots more low maintenance materials available for your home’s exterior. That’s because a house is exposed to weather 365 days a year, and today’s weather patterns are becoming more extreme.

  • Fiber cement siding – is dimensionally stable so it doesn’t expand/contract like other siding materials. With less movement, less painting is needed. It’s also more resistant to rot, fire and insects.
  • House trim – no longer needs to be made from wood. Like the house above, Azek offers a variety of exterior trim for your house, deck, gazebos and more.
  • Metal roofs – are tougher than traditional asphalt shingles, lasting 40 to 50 years. There are more metal roofing styles today that look like slate, clay and wood shakes. Metal roofs are also extremely fire resistant and you won’t have to clean up granules from your gutters and lawn.
  • Fiberglass windows – have good thermal insulating properties plus they’re moisture and rot resistant. They won’t warp due to extreme temperature changes. The seams are bonded so little caulking is needed, and paint finishes require less touch-up maintenance.
  • Composite decking – today gives you a deck that looks like your favorite wood for less cost. You’ll still have to clean the deck but no more staining, sealing and fewer repairs as composite decking won’t chip, splinter or warp like traditional wood decks.
  • Irrigation systems – with weather sensors can calculate when your landscaping needs water and just how much. You’ll no longer have to worry about when to water the lawn or vacation coverage, and you’ll save water too.


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