How to Add Personality to Painting Projects

#decorating-paint-color-chips--scottsdale-arizona-ht4w600When it comes to painting a room or the entire house, most people focus on picking paint colors. Painting involves a lot more, from prep to cleaning brushes and picking the best paint finish for durability.

You can find lots of great tips on coordinating paint colors with your furniture, artwork, flooring and more (see HGTV’s 15 Designer Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette). Now we’re also seeing interior designers decorating walls with much more than paint. Wallpaper is coming back, and homeowners are now using tile and wood for wall coverings but these types of wall treatments require a bigger investment than paint.

We know there are lots of decorating ideas that involve painting and sometimes basic carpentry. This article offers a glimpse into some of the new and creative painting ideas we’ve seen, ones you can enjoy for a few years and then change. That’s because painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate, giving you the freedom to think outside the box on your next painting project.

Remember Yesterday’s Chair Rails?

Chair rails are the traditional wall trim typically found at the top of wainscoting. Chair rails have also been used to break walls up with different paint colors below and above the rail. This idea of using multiple paint colors on a single wall is moving in lots of directions which provide you with exciting new decorating ideas.

Think about the benefits. You might store some leftover paint for touch-up but once you move on to a new color, you can toss the old paint. Compared to artwork which you have to store when you want a change, paint is relatively inexpensive. Painted walls give you more livable space as you don’t need to worry about brushing up against it the way you do with pictures, mirrors or 3-dimensional art on the wall.



Now that you see how much fun you can have with multiple strips of wood hung horizontally, here’s how you can rotate that trim to add vertical stripes to a wall which will make the ceilings feel taller.



And for those who love geometrics or want something totally unique, here’s one idea to spur your imagination.


Walls with an Artistic Touch

When we think about painting a room, we assume it will be all one color or maybe a few colors like we’ve shared above. However all these walls had straight lines and there really aren’t any rules that prevent other types of painting (remember we said we wanted you to think outside the box).

While these photos show creative paint designs in bathrooms, there’s no reason you can’t use similar designs in hallways, bedrooms and other living spaces. Notice how these designs don’t have perfectly straight lines, so with a little practice a novice painter can have fun adding a special touch to a wall. If you’re still worried, consider using a stencil (here are some geometric stencils we found on Amazon).



Want something more creative? If you’re an artist or good friends with one, you can paint flowers, animals or anything you like on the walls in your house. If you’re not an artist or uncertain if you’ll like this for long, there are lots of decals you can buy to place on your wall and peel off when you want something new. Here are some decals we found on Amazon, and it’s easy to narrow your search down to a specific room or design like quotes.



So regardless of which room you paint next, we hope you have fun thinking about more options than one paint color!

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