Sunlight, Sundials & Spring Tips

daffodils-meadow-a4whoaThe days are getting longer which means we have more daylight hours to enjoy each day. Just like spring flowers that bloom in the spring, people also respond positively to more sunlight … and it’s healthy to get outdoors for exercise and fresh air. Want to learn more about the benefits of natural sunlight (click here)?

Well we’re not doctors so we’ll stick to the things you can and should do around the house now that it’s nice outside as spring is about sunlight, spring cleaning and yes, a few home maintenance chores but why not think of them as healthy, outdoor exercise. If you don’t want to do these projects yourself, you can always call us so you can check things off your “to do” list.

Spring Time Chores

Every homeowner has their own strategy for tackling home maintenance and repair projects. If you’re looking for a comprehensive checklist of things to do, we recommend reading this Spring into Action Maintenance ChecklistWe’re going to focus here on the fun things to do outside your home, with an emphasis on “fun”.

  • Inspect and repair decks, patios and sidewalks from winter damage. Your deck might need a thorough cleaning, re-sealing and staining to make it look new and you’ll want to wait until it gets warmer before re-sealing asphalt driveways.
  • Check wood siding and trim to see if any paint is peeling. If something doesn’t look right, touch gently to see if the wood is firm or squishy which is a good indicator of wood rot, which should be repair quickly before the damage extends further.
  • Swap storm doors and windows for screens which you’ll want to inspect to make sure the fabric is tight and free of holes. This is an easy repair with a spline roller which takes some practice. The biggest challenge for your handyman though is finding screen fabric that matches what you have.

Cindy, For Florida guys, replace storm door bullet above with … Check and make repairs to your lanai or screened enclosure. Make sure the screen fabric is  tight, especially at ground level to reduce the number of unwanted critters visiting your home. Check door catches if you have a pool to prevent accidental drowning.

  • Paint and repair yard features – mailboxes always seem to get loose, get flower boxes ready for planting  and fencing which we sometimes forget because they’re further from the house. 
  • Clean up your outdoor furniture and grill if you haven’t used the barbecue all winter. Inspect your grill tools as sometimes it’s easier to buy new ones, that clean the old ones.

And I did promise some fun, so get out your gardening tools and add some nice new color to your home’s landscaping. If you’re not up to lots of bending down, try a few flower boxes and/or container gardens to give your home a personal touch. If you want to add something fun to your garden, something with a bit of history, there are all sorts of sundials you can get.


 Wishing you a wonderful spring – bright, colorful and healthy with all the natural sunlight.





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